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Practice Areas


Adoption is a beautiful way to grow your family and to help others.


Whether a private adoption, step-parent adoption, relative adoption, or adult adoption,

Bell & Boyd can help.



Partnership, corporation, LLC.


Whether you're starting a new business or need advice to protect  your existing business,

let Bell & Boyd be your partner.


Child Custody

As a parent, you want the best for your child. When parents aren't on the same page, the Court must make difficult decisions. 

That's why you need Bell & Boyd's experience and passion to present your best case to the Court.


Child Support

How much should you pay? 

How much should you receive?

Has income changed since the Court ordered child support?


Let Bell & Boyd help you calculate the appropriate amount.



Think before you ink!

Whether it's drafting contracts, revising existing contracts, or reviewing potential contracts,

Bell & Boyd could be the difference between success or failure.



Love is simple, but marriage can get complicated. And ending a marriage is painful and complex.

Don't let divorce cloud your judgment. 


Bell & Boyd can guide you

through the process so you make good decisions for now and for the future.


Elder Law

Estate Planning.

Medicaid Planning.


Power of Attorney.

Bell & Boyd can help you

and your loved ones navigate

the issues of life that arise

because of aging.


Estate Administration

If you've lost a loved one,

come meet with Bell & Boyd

to determine the best way to administer your loved one's estate to avoid mistakes that cost time and money.


Estate Planning

Why risk it with an internet form?Make sure your loved ones are taken care of after you are gone. 


Get it right with Bell & Boyd,

and find peace of mind. 



Do you need to make decisions for a loved one or friend but lack the legal authority to do so? 


Or maybe a family friend has asked that you look after her child for an extended period.


Bell & Boyd can help!



Motions and briefs, discovery, negotiations, and trials.

We do it all, and we do it well.

You want us on your side

in and out of the courtroom.


Bell & Boyd provides smart, zealous, efficient advocacy at each stage of the process.


Personal Injury

"Accidents happen," but injuries can be serious and long-lasting.


You need Bell & Boyd on your side to hold the responsible parties accountable and to get you the compensation you need.


Real Estate

Whether it's preparing a deed, reviewing an oil and gas lease, providing advice for boundaries issues or a timber trespass, or suing to quiet title or to partition,

Bell & Boyd has the experience you trust.

Real Estate

Workers' Compensation

Bell & Boyd will make sure

that your claim is processed fairly and that you receive all of the medical care and benefits that you are entitled to. 

Workers Comp

When you need a lawyer,

you need Bell, Boyd & Jameson.

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